We were made to belong. That’s why each of us deeply desires to be known and loved. But sin has made community difficult and painful. It’s no longer natural and easy, so we have to work hard to connect. But community is the context in which we grow. There are things you will never experience from Jesus apart from another Christian.
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Affinity Groups are smaller gatherings around a particular struggle, demographic or topic of interest. They’re a wonderful way of applying the gospel in the context of community to your particular need or circumstances.


GraceKids is the nursery, preschool, and children’s ministry of our church. Our aim is to work alongside parents in showing children the love Jesus has for them and helping them to trust him with their lives. We do this through Bible teaching, fun activities, and loving and engaged volunteers.

The GraceKids program is two-fold: Preschool and Elementary.

GraceKids – Nursery & Preschool

The Preschool program is open to any child, ages 0-5. The children are split into three to four classes, depending on service: a 0-12 months, 12-24 months, 2’s class and 3-5’s class.

What We’re Studying

GraceKids – Elementary

The Elementary program is for children in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Those classes are split into small groups for grades K/1st, 2nd/3rd, and 4th/5th. We use a curriculum from Orange in all of our classes from 2’s to 5th grade.

What We’re Studying


The heart of our church is a network of small groups, in which face-to-face friendships, encouragement and mutual ministry develop. These groups are led by members and meet in homes throughout Silicon Valley. They are also the primary place of prayer for the church and God’s kingdom.






San Mateo & Redwood City

 Leaders Contact Location Meeting Day Frequency Adults Only
Phil & Marie Suh nomarieee@gmail.com; phillip.suh@gmail.com San Mateo Sundays/Fridays* Weekly No
Kevin & Elle Koleckar kevin.koleckar@gmail.com Redwood City Mondays Bi-weekly No
Kat McClean katlovesmath@gmail.com San Mateo Wednesdays Weekly No

*Sundays (women)/Fridays (men)

Woodside, Menlo Park & Palo Alto

 Leaders Contact Location Meeting Day Frequency Adults Only
Yang and Ruth Wu ruthwu66@yahoo.com Palo Alto Sundays Weekly No
Jordan & Elise Ziegenbein elise.zieg@gmail.com Palo Alto Tuesdays Weekly No
Brett & Melody Westervelt brett.westervelt@gmail.com Woodside Wednesdays Weekly No
John & Ana O’Connor johno5235@gmail.com Palo Alto Wednesdays Weekly No
Xander & Maleesa Pollock maleesapollock@gmail.com Palo Alto Wednesdays Weekly No
Shawn and Mai Penney sm18penney@gmail.com Stanford Wednesdays Weekly No
Kenneth & Karen Tay kjytay@gmail.com Palo Alto Thursdays Weekly No

Los Altos, Mountain View & Sunnyvale

 Leaders Contact Location Meeting Day Frequency Adults Only
Felix and Melvina Lee flee107@yahoo.com Sunnyvale Sundays Weekly No
Matt and Brenna Hall hall.matthew.p@gmail.com Sunnyvale Wednesdays Weekly No
Jared and Tia Kruzek jared.kruzek@gmail.com Mountain View Wednesdays Weekly No
Adam and Allie Leeper allieleeper@gmail.com Sunnyvale Wednesdays Weekly No
Mike Banh and Caleb Tseng mikeymikebanh@gmail.com Mountain View Wednesdays Weekly No