No one has arrived; everyone’s in process. Each of us is on a journey.  Maybe you’re not yet a Christian but want to know more?  Or maybe you’re already a Christian but don’t feel you’re a very good one?  Whether you’re trying to figure it out, want to build a more solid foundation, or are ready to join our membership, we invite you to explore the riches of the historic Christian faith with us.


Exploring Christianity

Exploring Christianity is a course intended for people who do not yet consider themselves Christians or aren’t sure what they believe. EC is designed to be a safe place where you can give voice to your doubts, questions, hesitations, and objections to the historic Christian faith and explore, together with others, some of Christianity’s central claims. For more information email David Jones.

Meet with a Pastor or Elder

Wherever you’re at in your spiritual journey, our church leaders are keen to be resources for you for fellowship, encouragement, advice, or to help answer questions you may have. To connect with someone, email David or Iron directly so we can better determine how to engage with you. Please feel free to be as honest as your comfortable with, and note that your confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us.

Grace U

Grace U is our program of short-term classes on a variety of subjects, including bible studies, community building, leadership, etc. The classes take place on both Sundays and weeknights, depending on the content and our schedule. We do not currently have any scheduled classes.

Bible Studies

Longer term studies are offered periodically based on availability, demographic and interest. Below are any current studies we have going. Let us know if you are looking for something specific or are interested in leading a bible study. Studies also occur frequently in our Community Groups and Affinity Groups.

Women’s Bible Study
Men’s Bible Study




Belonging to Jesus includes belonging to His people. Membership is a way of formally and publicly expressing this. If you are interested in exploring becoming a member, find out more by signing up for Intro to Grace (right) or email

New members are received during the service every 3rd Sunday of the month.


Baptism is a sign of belonging. In baptism, God says to us, “You’re spiritually homeless, but I want to bring you into my family.” If you are considering baptism for yourself or for one of your children – or if you just want to know more – please email David or Iron.

Intro to Grace

Intro to Grace is our class for those who want to find out more about Grace as a church or who are interested in church membership. Taught by the pastors, it’s a great way to learn about Grace’s history and values. It’s generally 9:30a – 3p on a Saturday (we always end early) with breakfast snacks and lunch provided, or split between two weeknights with snacks provided.

Upcoming Intro to Grace classes: